Asking for Help: a Sign of Strength and Resilience

We all face challenges in our lives, and sometimes reaching out for help is the first step to achieving a greater sense of well-being.

Many reasons can lead you to seek help:




Difficulty adapting to changes or losses

Lack of self-esteem

Interpersonal difficulties

I offer services to individuals 20 years and up in English and in French in two locations:

In NDG: 5660 Monkland Avenue, near Villa-Maria metro (except on Thursdays)

In Westmount: 4215 Sainte-Catherine West, Suite 103, corner Greene Avenue, near Atwater metro (only on Thursdays). THIS OPTION IS ONLY AVAILABLE UNTIL JUNE 30, 2019.


Contact me today for more information or to book an appointment:

514-842-8020, ext. 223 or 514-668-2828